Air Conditioning Installation Nottingham

For more information on air conditioning installation in Nottingham please call 01159 663 310 or email


Only qualified refrigeration engineers are sent out to look into new air conditioning installation projects across Nottingham, Leicester, Birmingham and other regions across the UK.

We feel that engineers rather than sales reps have the skills and technical knowledge to decide or advise you on exactly what equipment and which air conditioning installation option is needed. This way the installation of your air con unit will go as smoothly as possible for the engineer and you, the customer.

Our air conditioning installers and engineers are more than willing to discuss the environmental impact of the installation and how this may be reduced.

At-a-touch temperature control and air circulation is possible in a diverse range of environments and conditions.

Both cooling and heating systems are available and can include split systems, multi-splits, VRV and VRF systems, window mounted systems and multiple air conditioning units.
Your equipment will be fully compliant with legislation set down by the Health and Safety Executive, the Department of Trade and Industry, and the Environment Agency.


Air Con Decommissioning

If you have an air conditioning unit which needs to be removed, Grange Technical Services can send out a fully qualified engineer to get the job done.

It is essential that air con decommissioning is carried out by an experience engineer, such as those at GTS to guarantee a safe removal and disposal of the refrigerant.